How The Rich Get Wealthy – The Hierarchy Of Tax Planning

The Key To Wealth

Have you ever been out somewhere and someone you were talking to points out a rich person, usually saying something like, “hey, that person over there is probably filthy rich.” When they refer to this “rich” person they usually use their appearance as a basis for their assumption. They might drive a fancy car, wear [...]

Do You Want To Stop California Taxation?

Phone Your Representative

It is time to make our voices heard by calling your legislator to protest against any new California tax increases. The State of California needs to live by the same rules as its people: “Live within your means.” Why should the State of California make the taxpayer pay for their inability to manage money? Do [...]

How to File a Claim with the State of CA For the First-Time Homebuyer’s Tax Credit

TIME SENSITIVE: Starting May 1, 2010, Home-buyers who qualify for the First-Time Home-buyer’s $10,000 Tax Credit must act fast and file a claim. The question is, who is responsible to file this claim in a timely manner? The following information was taken off the Franchise Tax Board’s website April 28, 2010 to guide you through [...]

13 Tax Increases California Is Trying To Pass

Did You Know California Is Trying to Pass 13 New Tax Increases? The runaway California legislature is at it again. They are proposing 13 new tax increases from taxes on traffic tickets to grocery store plastic bags. To them YOUR money is THEIR money. They have forgotten that they are “A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, [...]

Are You Ready to Pay Taxes, Taxes, and More Proposed Taxes?

Pay More Taxes

I had the opportunity to be part of a business owner’s discussion group with the California 60th District Assemblyman Curt Hagman in Chino Hills. We discussed the effects of the economy on business owners along with the new tax increases currently being lobbied for in Sacramento. According to Curt Hagman, “The California Democratic Legislators who [...]

Unforgettable Birthdays & Taxes


Birthdays seem to lose their thrill as we get older. They may not seem to offer the rewarding benefits such as turning 16 and getting a driver’s license, turning 21 and being able to buy a lottery ticket, or turning 55 and getting a senior discount. However, as we get older there is a silver [...]

The Rule Of 72 And Power Of Compounding Interest

Rule of 72 and Compound Interest

When considering investment strategies, it is important to consider your investment rate of return. A quick way to determine your investment return is by following the “Rule of 72.” This is a fast and easy way to determine just how fast your investment grows. Simply put, the “Rule of 72” quantifies investments with compound interest. [...]

15 Ways The Health Care Bill Will Increase Taxes


Some of us are wondering “What just happened?” As we look at this new Health Care Reform Bill one thing is for certain – its passing was clearly a historical change for our nation. However, the focus for the taxpayer should now be taxes. Tax increases will be funding this new Health Care bill in [...]

First Time Home Buyers – Rules and Tax Credits

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Before you watch the video, Download the First Time Home Buyer Worksheet Part 1 Part 2 Do you qualify for the New 2010 Federal or State Homebuyer’s Tax Credit? The attached spreadsheet is designed to help “Home buyer’s” understand if they qualify for the 2010 Federal Home buyer’s Credit of $8,000 or $6,500, and the [...]

Another California State Income Tax Credit for First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyer

The state of California’s $20 billion deficit hasn’t stopped Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from dishing out more funds. The Governor is anxious to stimulate the Real Estate Market and has thrown $200 million dollars into a state income tax credit, AB183, which will benefit first-time home buyers effective May 1, 2010. These first-time home buyers will [...]